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HELPING BIRDS ALONG THE WAY: Celebrate our Stopover Site, lnternational Migratory Bird Day
In honor of the International Migratory Bird Day there will be an Arkansas River "Birdwalk"
Where: Meet at the Arkansas River trailhead parking area - East end of Sell Avenue in Canon City, Colorado.
When: Friday, May 5, 2017 @ 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. {Rain or Shine)
Who: For anyone interested in birds and their conservation (children and adults)
Things to bring: Binoculars, outdoor clothing suitable for the weather.

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In celebration of International Migratory Bird Day(IMBD), the Arkansas Valley Audubon Society will again sponsor an annual Pueblo County Spring Count. This year's Count will be Saturday May 13, 2017. Anywhere in the County can be birded.
AUGUST 26, 2017 – WET MOUNTAIN VALLEY FIELD TRIP: Plan to participate this year in AVAS’s spectacularly scenic birding trip in Custer County. Those who stay all day will probably see over one hundred species including waterfowl, raptors, warblers, and many others in a variety of habitats. Meet the trip leaders at Lake DeWeese at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 26.
AVAS and the Sierra Club will co-host a series of 8 films on the topic of Climate Change. This is the National Geographic series titled "Years of Living Dangerously". All films wil be shown at the Rawlings Library Infozone Theatre on Saturdays, from 11:00 - 12:30. The first film is January 28th, check the flyer for the other dates.


Sec. 1 What is the purpose of this Order? The purpose of this Order is to establish procedures and a timeline for expanding the use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle on Service lands, waters, and facilities and for certain types of hunting and fishing regulated by the Service outside of Service lands, waters, and facilities.

AVAS President Responds to Opinion about dangers of lead ammo

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sued Over Planned Cougar and Bear Killing. State's Unscientific Killing Plans Violate Colorado's Constitution.
DENVER ­— WildEarth Guardians sued Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department (CPW) and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission (Commission) this week over its plans to kill cougars and black bears in misguided attempts to boost mule deer populations.


Please contact the CPW Commission, the governor's office and our senator Leroy Garcia and ask them to have CPW reconsider the mountain lion killing plan between Cañon City and Leadville.

A plea for residents to consider bringing back a Custer County tradition of helping our avian friends by providing regular feed and fresh water for their sustenance.
2017 Great Bakyard Bird Count dates & more....
12/14/2016, the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission voted to approve Mountain Lion and Black Bear "killing plans" to boost mule deer populations for big game hunters.
AVAS recruited a big game hunter to fire lead and solid copper 30.06 rifle bullets into ballistic gels. The photos speak for themselves- black, dirty fragmentation (lead); clean spiral (copper).
Photo of Peg Rooney at AVAS table preparing to hand out vouchers for non-lead ammo.
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2016 Lake Isabel/Spanish Peaks Christmas Bird Count Results:


Pueblo County Fall Bird Count Results:
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Are you planning a Birding Trip to Colorado? We at AVAS are only too happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, we highly recommend that you view this site sponsored by the Colorado Field Ornithologists for the latest information and updates statewide.
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218 species reported in Pueblo County in one day, 5-14-16. Pueblo birders celebrated International Migratory Bird Day(IMBD) big time, blowing out the old record of 202 species in 2010.


The next Breeding Bird Atlas, should be out this year. It can be pre ordered at website now. There is also show at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center until April 10 of 75 of the 275 illustrations from Atlas2 plus the covers and a selection of illustrations from Atlas 1. Cover illustrations are by AVAS's own Mark Yaeger, better known as Radeaux in the art world.
URGENT: Don't Let Congress Gut Bird and Wildlife Protections. Our elected officials are up to no good again, proposing to gut critical provisions of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Too bad that there are no other problems left to deal with in the USA, all that's left is to finally deal with all those pesky birds and other on


AVAS President Peg Rooney's Letter to Editor re Negative Effects of Wind Farms
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