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© Ben D'Andrea 2016   
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Numerous Live webcams from the philanthropic division of the Annenburg Foundation

Mountain Park Butterfly count:  Will be on Saturday July 23 at 9 a.m.

Also, the annual Butterfly Festival at Sugarite State Park in New Mexico/ Lake Dorothey Colorado is scheduled June 24-26. I lead trips on that Sunday. New Mexico butterfly expert Steve Cary leads trips that Saturday. A great event to attend.

A Quick Guide to some of this Summer's upcoming Events:
6/12 Lake Pueblo-  8am- Bird Walk; Meet Harry Rurup at Visitor's Center

7/23 Dragonfly Field Trip- 9am; Meet Bill Maynard at Headquarters building Chico Basin Ranch (Fee area)

7/23 - Mountain Park Butterfly count:
 Saturday July 23 at 9 a.m.

8/6 Outdoor Skills Day at Nature Center- AVAS will hand out vouchers for a box 30-06 copper rifle bullets to big game hunters with a valid hunting license; vouchers can be redeemed at Arctic Shooting Supply in Pueblo- Part of an education campaign to "get the lead out",

8/27 Lake DeWeese/Wet Mountain Valley - 8am

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Join AVAS on 8/6  10am-2pm for the first voucher giveaway at Outdoor Skills Day at the Nature Center of Pueblo. Help us protect raptors!

AVAS received a grant from the National Audubon Society to educate big game hunters about the efficacy of non-lead ammunition and encourage them to use it to decrease lethal effects of lead bullets on raptors and other aerial and ground scavengers.

Eagles and other birds are dying of lead poisoning  because  they feed on piles of internal organs left behind by hunters processing deer, elk, antelope in the field. People can be at risk too. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Big Game Hunting Guide advocates "getting the lead out" stating that "Science tells us that ingesting lead can cause potential health problems."
In partnership with Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices in Pueblo, Salida and Monte Vista, and the Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo, educational fact sheets and vouchers for 30.06 solid copper rifle bullets will be distributed to people with a valid CO hunting license. Vouchers can be redeemed for one free box of copper bullets at Arctic Shooting Supply 411 W. 6th in Pueblo. (Vouchers good while supplies last).

Additionally, educational fact sheets will be available at the Raptor Center during tours throughout the summer. Tour participants can see and hear about the effects of lead on Aquila the golden eagle, Lurch the turkey vulture, Piper, the barn owl and others.

218 species reported in Pueblo County in one day, 5-14-16. Pueblo birders celebrated International Migratory Bird Day(IMBD) big time, blowing out the old record of 202 species in 2010.


The next Breeding Bird Atlas, should be out this year. It can be pre ordered at website now. There is also show at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center until April 10 of 75 of the 275 illustrations from Atlas2 plus the covers and a selection of illustrations from Atlas 1. Cover illustrations are by AVAS's own Mark Yaeger, better known as Radeaux in the art world.

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URGENT: Don't Let Congress Gut Bird and Wildlife Protections. Our elected officials are up to no good again, proposing to gut critical provisions of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Too bad that there are no other problems left to deal with in the USA, all that's left is to finally deal with all those pesky birds and other on


AVAS President Peg Rooney's Letter to Editor re Negative Effects of Wind Farms
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