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We are deeply saddened to anounce that Marilyn McBirney, a former President of AVAS and long-time employee of the Pueblo Zoo, passed away in Texas. She was a staunch advocate for birds and all wildlife.
Marilyn's obituary and details of her memorial service are found in this link.

2015 Christmas Bird Count (CBC) schedules and updates

Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) 2/13-16, 2015   (details to follow)

High Plains Snow Goose Festival Feb. 20-22, 2015 in Lamar, CO

What are some of the things accomplished by AVAS in 2014?

Cornell Lab eNews, lots of good & fun information:

UPDATE: The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission "dismissed" the petition to ban lead ammo.
Their alternative: They will put a blurb in their hunting pamphlets about using non-lead ammo.

The Audubon Colorado Council (ACC), which comprises Colorado’s eight Audubon Society Chapters and their approximately eight thousand members, hereby endorses the Citizen’s Petition to ban use of lead in ammunition in Colorado.

AVAS President, Peg Rooney, has written a letter to the Editor re Use of Lead Ammo     <read>

» News Update: AVAS is "Adopting" an Important Bird Area (IBA)
One of National Audubon Society's strategic goals is 'Saving Important Bird Areas'. By protecting important places for birds, Audubon can save species, restore habitats and reduce threats. To date, Audubon has identified 2,544 IBAs in the United States. Lake Pueblo State Park and Wildlife Area is one of them.

By "adopting" this IBA, AVAS will ensure that the revised resource management plan for this area will include consideration for and protection of birds. other wildlife and their habitats.

Birding trips to the area and grooming of the Overlook Trail will engage the community and foster a sense of advocacy for this "jewel in the desert".

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AVAS Mission:
To promote the conservation of nature through education, political action and field activities with a focus on birds, other wildlife and habitat in Southern Colorado
When visiting downtown Pueblo don't forget to visit the John Deaux Galley on Union Ave. Owned & operated by former Board member Mark Yaeger - (719) 545-8407, you'll be able to not only engage him in some great birding conversation but also view great bird-related art from local artisans including Radeaux. Visit his website:  www.johndeauxartgallery.com
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