The AVAS Conservation Committee supports the goals and objectives of the National Audubon Society. On a national level our primary goals include a strong reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act, defeat of "takings" legislation, preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and restoration of the Everglades.

On a State level, AVAS volunteers maintain a phone tree which generates dozens of phone calls to legislators on issues such as legislation which would have gutted the instream flow requirements, or the transfer of the management of predator control from the Colorado Division of Wildlife to the Department of Agriculture. AVAS is also involved in opposition to the many takings bills introduced each year in the Colorado legislature.

Locally, AVAS continues to work with the San Carlos Ranger District of to monitor project in the National Forest. AVAS works with the Division of Wildlife and the Colorado Department of Parks to sponsor events which promote public awareness of ecological values at Pueblo Reservoir, especially to preserve suitable habitat for our pair of nesting ospreys. AVAS has made posters and printed thousands of brochures for distribution at Lake Pueblo State Park urging boaters to obey the "no wake" policy when approaching the heronry at the west end of the Reservoir. Also AVAS continues to sponsor Audubon Adventure Kits used in 25 - 30 area school classrooms to introduce youngsters to conservation concepts and practice.