URGENT: Don't Let Congress Gut Bird and Wildlife Protections

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It's shocking that at a time when migrating birds face more threats than ever, special interests would be pressing for cutbacks in their protection!

Please help us protect birds and their habitats.

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Dear Peg,

What does Congress have against Bald Eagles and other migratory birds?

Judging by this latest attack, you’d think they are downright anti-bird.

H.R. 493, introduced by Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC), would gut critical provisions of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Should this dangerous measure be enacted, the inevitable result will be a dramatic increase in bird deaths.

Your urgent support for National Audubon Society will help us respond to threats to birds and their habitats, wherever and whenever they occur.

The bill would harm birds in two ways. It would:

  • Give any industry a 30-year "get out of jail free" card for killing eagles by allowing an automatic "incidental take permit".
  • Absolve any company that kills birds in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act unless it can be shown that the killing was intentional. This is tantamount to gutting the Act, and at a time when threats to migratory birds have increased dramatically.

H.R. 493 is only one of a flurry of bills making their way through Congress that weaken our nation’s bird conservation and endangered species laws. In fact, America’s strongest wildlife law, the Endangered Species Act, is under attack.

Your support will help Audubon mobilize both in Washington and at the grassroots level.

Today, migrating birds must negotiate an ever more deadly maze of death traps power lines, toxic waste pits, windmills, and tall buildings — that is taking an ever greater toll. Many of these deaths are preventable with simple and low-cost mitigation measures.

This is a time for renewing our commitment to conserving the wildlife and wild places upon which all life, including our own, depends. This bill and a growing flurry of others represent dangerous steps in the wrong direction.

Won't you help us?

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David Yarnold
President and CEO
National Audubon Society

Bald Eagle. Photo: Becky Lundeen/Audubon Photography Awards

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